Art 1:


Art 2:

Air Italia is a free Virtual Airline and not-for-profit organization that offers its pilots a platform that simulates the real operation of an Airline.

Art 3:

Air Italia is not liable for damage or malfunction of any equipment used by the user to perform flight operations; Air Italia is not liable for damages caused by the use of utilities or anything else downloaded for free from the website.

Art 4:

All the materials and information contained in this website are related exclusively to flight simulation and cannot be used under no circubstances for real flight..

Art 5:

To register in Air italia VA you must write an introductory email to by compiling the Application Form published here, filling it in each and every required field.

To become part of Air Italy, the candidate will be subjected to a theoretical / practical item which will consist of an interview through Skype to assess the level of preparedness and an off-line flight with screen sharing by using Skype.

In the case of negative assessment, the examiner will eventually propose to the candidate all the information about to get prepared and decide about a new date for another exam session.

Art 6:

All registered members can report any behaviors or actions deemed as incorrect or unfair by other members. In this case, the Management of the Virtual Company will undertake to examine this behavior and proceed to assign a penalty in career in the form of a recall or suspension indefinitely up to cancelling the misbehaving member.

Art 7:
Our system require Flight Simuator 2004 / Flight Simulator X / Prepar3d. The only supported Operating System is Microsoft Windows.

It's also mandatory to use Skype in voice mode for all the exams.

Art 8:

Any member who intends to resign from the Air Italia Virtual Airlines is obliged to communicate his/her intentions by sending an e-mail to Air Italia Staff will delete all personal data of the pilot as soon as possible.

Art 9:

If a Pilot resigns, all the data about his/her flights will not be deleted, they will be kept in the database of the Company in total anonymity, because they are integral part of the history of the total assets held by the Company and voluntarily submitted / declared by the pilot himself/herself and accepted by the Company during his/her work, according to this Conditions, accepted at registration.

Art 10:

Any person which will use any documentation in the website for different purposes than those recognized by Air Italia will be punished by immediate expulsion from the Company.

Art 11:

We will not accept transfers of IVAO or VATSIM hours or from other companies, without any exception.

Art 12:

It is strictly forbidden to violate the regulation - Penalty: Immediate banishment from the Company.

Art 13:

Once a new member has subscribed to the Company, the first flight shall be conducted within 7 days from enrollment, otherwise the member will be unsubscribed and deleted.


Art 1

The company allows its members, with the help of recording software Kacars flights, to fly both in offline and in an online environment.

Art 2:

All pilots wishing to fly in IVAO environment, must respect and obey to the rules of the online flight and to maintain a proper behaviour in all flight situations, even when not under radar control, declaring and checking, via text on the Unicom frequency 122.80, the traffic situation present or nearby, collaborating with other users connected to the network, for the management of separation from traffic, precedence, take-offs and landings.

It 'also mandatory for every pilot contact the ATC by voice when the flight is operated within their airspace and not by text, unless physical impediments.

Art 3:

Air Italia fight has to be performed following only IFR rules.

With Air Italia you can carry out two type of flight, FREE e SCHEDULED.
Both must be performed using our kACARS software downloadable for free.

- FREE Flight:
Allows each pilot to fly where he/she prefers, selecting one of the aircraft present in the fleet, departure and destination at any time of the day. The flights are recorded with the software Kacars attempting to totalize flying hours.

Are flights carried out following flights Timetable recognized by the Department of Commercial Airlines Air Italia and are flown using the aircrafts present in our airline fleet.

Art 4:

Every flight must be necessarely performed using kACARS software, penalty the rejection of the flight.

Art 5:

In case of an emergency followed by landing at the aerodrome of departure or enrouting to the alternate for any reason, the flight will be considered valid but it will be mandatory to explain the nature of such emergency in remarks.

Art 6:

Pilots are required to fly with regularity. They should flight at least two hours for week to mantain their account.

If the member/pilot is not able to mantain this regularity, he has to inform the Management in time writing an email to explaining the reason.

Art 7:

Pilots must use only the airplane for which they are type rated for every flight.

Art 8:

Is not allowed in any case to pause the kACARS nor to use any simulation rate speed higher than x1, penalty: pirep will be rejected.

Art 9:

Every flight flown in Air Italia, have to attends the flight-validation-rules writes in the document downloadable here.

Art 10:

The team may decide to modify and / or supplement the rules above without notice at any time, reserving, however, the burden of users notifying .

Art 11:

Is not allowed in any case the in-flight refueling.


Ranks are assigned based on number of flights and flight hours in the following way:

- Trainee: from 0 to 35 flights and from 0 to 50 flight hours.

- First Officer: from 35 to 200 flights and from 50 to 300 flight hours.

- Captain: from 200 to 600 flights and from 300 to 1000 flight hours.

- Instructor: Appointed by the management.

- Examiner: Appointed by the management.

Theoretical and practical exam are needed for became F/O and Capt.
Training flights for Trainee and to get the rating for another airplane can be conducted only by Instructors or Examiners.
Exams can be conduct only by the Examiners.

However the Management may at its absolute discretion decide, in according to the merits of the pilot, to advance it to an higher rank.

I accept the Terms and Conditions and would like to continue in the registration process.